Update 9/30/2021 (Updated 10/1)

To our wonderful customers,



First and foremost, thank you for believing in us thus far. We would not be here without you.  Due to the recent amount of attention Little BOE LLC has received because of complaints and allegations started by Lisa Morgan and Tayler Evans. These two have gone above and beyond to have our small business shut down, we wanted to reach out to address some things. They are upset by the pandemic delays and the fact that we would not show them our private business purchasing information and billing on social media. They have contacted and even harassed some of you through Facebook private messages by giving false information. We know this because many customers have reached out with complaints about them doing this. For that, we are so sorry, our priority is to keep our customers safe.  Let us start at the beginning. 



We started Little BOE in May of 2019. Our business was running great until the pandemic shut down our manufacture in China in December 2019 which caused delays. We have always made it known our suppliers are based in China. Some individuals assumed that because my nationality is Chinese, that I was also based in China. It has always been stated we are in the USA. Shortly after China shut down, our own country shut down as well, which caused further delays.  In June of 2020, while some ports reopened, things were still delayed as ports were backed up with shipments. 


 After waiting and receiving some delayed orders, we realized not everything was coming in, and we had a supply issue on our hands. This is when we decided it was time to work with a new manufacture to ensure we would get our products on time.


  In July 2020, we offered customers options for delayed orders. Customers were given the option to wait for their orders. The first option was a gift card in the amount of the original order, and you would still receive the order when it came in with the understanding that the order could not be refunded once the gift card was accepted.  



You basically received a gift card and your original order. But some customers wanted a refund after accepting the gift card, using it and having those new orders delivered.  This is where a huge problem began.  The gift card was accepted with the understanding that you could not get a refund for that original order.  We wanted to accommodate our customers as much as we could.  To be fair, anyone that used their gift card and later wanted a refund, the items they received with the gift card had to be deducted from the refund amount.



When a customer requests a refund but initially took a gift card for waiting on the original order, this is what we have been doing to accommodate the request. We must go through all your orders, we must cancel all gift cards and if you received products with the gift card, the amount is deducted from your refund amount.  You are also sent an email explaining your refund amount. This way you can see how certain orders were closed due to you receiving products with the gift card.  You must confirm the refund amount before we can process your refund.



We acquired new manufactures, and we were doing our best to have all the items remade and shipped in by the end of June 2021.  We were not able to meet this date as there are still ongoing shipping delays due to the pandemic. We are currently shipping old orders as they come in. 



It was at this point that Lisa Morgan demanded our private business paperwork be posted on social media or she would take other measures. When we refused to show her or post our private business information, she recruited Tayler Evans to help her take down our small business with slander, bullying and false information.  They started a page on Facebook which they originally named Consumers vs Little BOE LLC Legal Suit, which they lead people to under false pretenses having them believe they had a lawyer and lawsuit started against us. This is when they contacted mostour customers by private messenger to get them to join. Lisa Morgan and Tayler Evans told everyone our company was a scam, we have never shipped any pre-orders, and that we have never refunded anyone. 



We have shipped over 13,000 orders and most were pre-orders. We have shipped over 43,000 items since we have been open. We have issued more than $215K in refunds through our system manually.  Many are giving false statements about the money they are owed and fail to mention the gift cards they accepted and refunds they have already been given. At this time the are many customers that received the gift card for waiting and have received the delayed orders they were waiting on.



They told everyone to go file claims and had other customers tell people to file claims on orders they received. Instead of money going towards receiving products and issuing refunds, we are even more delayed. Because of these actions, we have had a lot of fraudulent claims and chargebacks.



We have done our best to provide proof of the orders that were received, but that is proving difficult with the USPS recycling tracking numbers after a few months due to the amount of people online shopping now.



The actions of these women have put our accounts on hold while under review.  Because we can’t refund through the system, from their actions, they are telling everyone, no one will get a refund and that we have no intention of ever refunding. This is false. Since this we have refunded over $50k not through our system. 



Right now, our only means currently to refund is Venmo, and we are doing our best.  Ms. Morgan and Ms. Evans have told the people in their group to report us everywhere they can to include but not limited to the BBB, Attorney General, FTC, local law enforcement for theft, local news stations and the list goes on. We are now working one on one with BBB, Attorney General’s office, and the local news stations.  We have had a few local news stations ask to interview us, and of course we were more than happy to do so. They will be checking back with us so they can update our story. For this, we are grateful. We have been and will continue to send in our information per complaint with the BBB & AG.  This has given us the opportunity to shut down false complaints and reviews.  Many false complaints and reviews have come in the last 48 hours.  Even though it is time consuming to respond, it is best because now they are able to see how much false information there is.



Today we were finally sent a complaint from Ms. Morgan and Ms. Evans via BBB.  We found it interesting that so many have been continuously told for weeks to send in complaints, but they themselves just submitted their own complaints.  



They posted my personal information online which included my home address and phone number. They also posted information on my husband and people have been messaging him through Facebook.  One customer was harassing him while he was at work.  Because of this, I have been receiving tons of spam calls and text messages.  Also because of their actions, I have had personal threats made against me including death threats which I have had to contact law enforcement about especially since they posted my home address. They even went as far as to find my husband’s information and send him private messages and threats as well as family members, even family overseas. They make sure to post any kind of slander they can about me anywhere they can all over social media, including any other groups or platforms that I am a part of that have nothing to do with Little BOE. They have attacked my team members (NONE of which are employees) however they are friends that have decided to help Little BOE LLC.  My team has done nothing to them and now because of their malicious intent, they have been kicked out of online boutiques, bullied, and had their PayPal accounts hacked, stolen from, and even a few shut down. 



At one point Ms. Evans asked people for donations for a lawyer in their group and have since changed the name of their Facebook group to Buyer Beware: Little BOE Edition. We believe this was due to people realizing they never had a lawyer or lawsuit. 




They have stated I am playing the victim. I can assure you I am not. I am a person who cares, is trying to run a respectable business, and is doing everything I can to try to make things right.   We have asked customers that are still in a refund window, that have outstanding orders, to file claims so they can be refunded more promptly. Ms. Morgan and Ms. Evans have made it a point to tell people that we are just stealing their money and running. Obviously, they do not know how it works as we do have to repay that money to the financial institutions, and we wouldn’t be responding to our hundreds of emails due to their actions if that were true. From what I have seen, when someone who is scamming is called out, they don’t stay in contact, respond to emails, and do their best to issue refunds. 



These actions go on EVERY SINGLE DAY. These women are malicious and do not think they are doing anything wrong but in turn, make me out to be a bad person. They are doing everything possible to ruin not only my small business but my life over the pandemic and the delays it has caused. We had contacted a lawyer, as we have nothing to hide, who did a free consultation, but cannot render his service at this time due to money going to fraudulent claims. We are in contact with the BBB and AG daily and provide any information they ask for. 



Your items have been made. Things have slowly been coming in, and we ship them as we receive them.  At this time, we do not have any concreate updates on some items since the pandemic is ongoing and there are still shortages in materials and delays in shipping, as well as ports being backed up.



 We will not update anything unless we know it is in transit to avoid confusion. Since we have had a huge influx in emails and a small team, we simply cannot keep up with responding to all of them. We are hoping this email has addressed any questions you have. Please do not email asking for another update or if your items are coming as we addressed that in this email. As we said, we cannot respond to over 500 emails as we are a small team and want to serve you the best we can. We cannot do that if we continue to go back and forth about the same thing over and over. 


 We are projected to be caught up by October 2022. This means we will continue to ship old orders and issue refunds each week from now until October 2022 when we are all caught up. 



After all the information in this email, the only emails we need from this point moving forward are for you to let us know the following:



*If you are choosing to wait and possibly need to size up any items, put WAITING/SIZE UP in the subject line and let us know you would like to wait and what item and size you now need in the email.




*If you would prefer a refund, give us a list of your orders eligible for a refund along with your Venmo information, and put REFUND in the subject line and we will confirm your refund totals with you, then reach out again with a refund date.  We ask for you to be kind as we have other customers who also need to be refunded as well and we really do want to refund everyone who wants to be refunded. 




*If you are already on the refund list and do not yet have a refund date, give us your Venmo information if you haven’t already, and put NEED REFUND DATE in the subject line and we will reach out with a date




**PLEASE BE SURE TO USE ONE OF THE ABOVE AND ONLY ONE OF THE ABOVE IN YOUR SUBJECT LINE so we can be sure to send you to the person assigned to each specific subject so we can serve you the best we can as fast as we can.  




As far as the news article that was posted, we are asking the article to be updated with correct information. Ms. Evans said she ordered 53 items in June 2020 and only received 14 items. We sent a screen recording to the news reporter showing her statement is false, because our systems show she wasn’t a customer until August 2020.  




Again, we do apologize for what the pandemic has done from the delays, manufacturing issues and shipping ports being backed up or closed throughout the past year and a half. We never anticipated nor intended for any of this to happen. We understand this is a frustrating situation and we appreciate the patience and support you have given us to this point.  




With great appreciation,


Molinda and The Little BOE Team




Please send a new email, do not reply to an old one. There was a system update. No one was blocked from emails.  Again please send a new email.

Please send a new email to our main customer service email:



Thank you